If you’ve been on the Internet in recent days you probably saw meme and jokes about Area 51. Why? Because people want to see what’s going on there.

Some Americans have been tired of the mystery surrounding Area 51 and have decided to go and see what’s going on there. They organized a Facebook event urging people to come to Nevada, Area 51, because “if there are many, they can not kill us all.” More than 1.2 million people said they would go and more than 1 million people are interested in participating.

The invasion should be on September 20th. Of course, there is also a site of the event, but also the opportunity to buy shirts with the message “I survived Area 51”.

It is clear that the organizer of the event is jokingly and is not serious about this action. Some might even want to do this, and others have taken everything as a joke, and here are the memes on the internet.

However, US aviation is worried, and one representative has made it clear that “any illegal attempt to access any military area is dangerous.” The existence of Area 51 was confirmed by the federal government in 2013 when the CIA revealed a report on spy planes that were tested there in the early 1950s.

This secret base of the American Army is located near Salom Lake Groom Lake, state of Nevada. The primary purpose of the base is to initiate and continue experimenting with different types of aircraft, carrier vectors and weapon systems.

And they also have extraterrestrial creatures, of course. But also UFOs. Below are some of the jokes made on this moment that has become viral.

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